Is Body Shaming Making Us Physically Ill?

Body shaming, whether we are doing it to others or doing it to ourselves, is an unhealthy judgement that leads to a downward spiral of negativity. In 2015, we live in a society constantly trying to undo the stigmas society has placed upon appearance, from what beautiful means to what ugly is. And while we work towards creating a healthier world for us all to live in, there is still plenty of work to be done to open people's minds on what defines perfection. And when it comes to ourselves, no one can make us feel better or worse than we can. Putting ourselves down can no doubt lead to mental illness, but now researchers are beginning to believe that this self-objectification may be making us physically ill as well. When it comes to body shaming, researches believe that feeling embarrassed about your bodily functions, like menstrual cycles and sweating, may be leading women to experience a decrease in those functions — a mental suppressant so to speak. Jean Lamont, from Bucknell University, conducted two small studies. In the studies, he found that women who suffered from higher levels of body shame described having a decrease in self-rated health as well as an increase of infections from their teenage years on. So what can we take from this? The importance of loving yourself and your body is much greater than you may have imagined. Not only is body shaming a negative quality, but it can lead to physical downfalls. Have you suffered from body shaming? How did you enable yourself to seek a more positive outlook on your appearance? Source: Huffington Post

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