Is Getting Lean Really Worth It?

Six pack abs and toned muscles seem to be the goal for many people these days. But it is hard enough just to lose body fat, let alone sculpt ourselves into fitness deities. Is the cost of getting lean actually worth the payoffs? There are two common myths associated with getting lean. The first myth is that it only takes a few minor changes, and a tad extra work to get rippling abs and a fitness model figure. The second myth is the complete opposite. People think that getting lean will turn them into a restricted, deprived, gym addicted health nut. The reality is that the first 10 pounds and last 10 pounds are a totally different struggle. It is easy for someone to start shedding weight, but it's extremely challenging for an already slim person to whittle themselves into their ideal lean percentage. Another reality is that many fitness models in magazine are airbrushed and Photoshopped, so they make terrible comparisons to your own body. getting lean worth it Over time, small changes can make someone leaner and healthier. But it's not an overnight process unless you're willing to fight really hard for it. Men who strive for 6% body fat and women who strive for under 16% make some pretty big sacrifices. No sick days, no social drinking, no eating at restaurants and plain protein and plain veggies for meals. You must eat at a precise time and your day revolves around meal planning. For some people, it can almost become impossible to have a job or a love life because of this routine. And being lean doesn't have much to do with being healthy. In fact, some people develop addictions to stimulants and diuretics. They can experience eating disorders, social isolation and bone issues. So is it worth it? In the end, it's ultimately your own decision. You can become healthy and athletically lean without it taking a toll on your body. Live the life that you want, with the body you want. What are your thoughts? Do you think getting super lean is worth it? Source: Precision Nutrition  

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