Is Getting Lean Really Worth The Trade-offs?

Thumb through any fitness magazine and you see tight, toned, lean bodies on pretty much every page. They are the marketing gold standard. But have you ever taken the time to consider the 'cost' of that look? What you have to do, what you have to give up? There are trade-offs to say the least. The folks at Precision Nutrition have broken down these trade-offs so you can really understand how to get the body you want while living the life you love. First, lets address some misconceptions. The first being that with a few simple changes to your diet and exercise routine, you can develop a completely chiselled body and look just like a fitness model. The second misconception is that getting 'into shape' means painful sacrifice and untold levels of suffering. Neither of these misconceptions is true, of course. The reality is that the process that helps you lose the first 10 pounds, isn't the one that will allow you to see those last 10 pounds disappear. The leaner you get, the more work it takes. If you are looking for a fitness model body, remember that photos are often edited and the individuals themselves often only look like that before a competition. Looking like that comes at a cost most people aren't willing to pay. If you aren't looking to be the next cover model, and are just looking to be lean and healthy, a few adjustments, over time, will add up to some noticeable improvements.

Do More Of This (And Less Of That)

Here is a really 'honest' chart that breaks down what it takes to lose body fat from one fitness level to the next. Making an informed decision when it comes to your health is the only real way to make a good decision.

Benefits and trade-offs with each fitness level:


Still want to get lean? Here's what to do more (and less) of to achieve and maintain the different levels of fitness:

precision-nutrition-cost-getting-lean-do-table At the end of the day, what you choose to do with your body is your decision. Most people find that being overweight can limit their enjoyment of many elements in life. So, they make changes to improve. Sometimes people want to take another step and get themselves super lean. When deciding if this is right for you, remember the leaner you want to get, the more behaviours you'll have to change. There is no miracle product, food or workout routine that will get you there instantly. It is all in your habits. To get started, you must first be clear on your goals and honest with yourself when it comes to what you are and are not willing to do. For more steps on how to move forward with getting lean, head to Precision Nutrition. Do you think getting lean is worth the tradeoffs? Why or why not?  

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