Is It Fair To Compare Kylie Jenner To Malala Yousafzai?

One is a reality tv star, the other is a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. And because they have both recently turned 18, people have taken to the internet and offered their comparisons. Most of these comparisons attempt to shine a big light on all of the things wrong with a culture that glorifies celebrity over actual achievement. Have a look: malala Oh no! We must be terrible people! Why was the media only reporting on one birthday? That's an easy one, folks. They didn't report on Malala's birthday because of all the thing she has done in her life, turning 18 is the least impressive. Not that Kylie Jenner turning 18 is particularly interesting. But the thing is, we live in a society that requires us to seek distraction. As a reality TV star, it is Kylie's job to provide us with that distraction. She gives us spectacle, she gives us a glimpse into a fun looking life of opulence most of us will never know. Malala gives us something far different. She offers us a glimpse into a brave and principled life that many of us could only ever aspire to. So many girls are lucky to live in a world where they don't have to stare down the barrel of a gun in an attempt to go to school. Malala provides us with an example of true courage and that is what we are interested in. We want to know what she is thinking, what she will do next. We want to know because she has inspired us to help. We want to step out of our bubbles and make a difference too! We do not pry into her romantic life, ask what she is wearing or follow her around with cameras on her 18th birthday. We don't do those things because Malala speaks to a different part of our psyches. She makes us want to be better people. She has changed the world in a way that young girls should admire. If every girl stood up and said, "no, this isn't right!" and refused to be swayed, can you imagine how many injustices might be corrected?   When people say things like "stop making stupid people famous," they are being ridiculous. We will always enjoy spectacle. Kylie is not particularly 'stupid,' she has found a way to make us continuously talk about her. Pretty brilliant if you ask me. Comparing the two is not fair simply because they occupy dramatically different parts of our social dialogue. But the thing to remember is, Kylie getting all the attention for her 18th birthday isn't taking a single thing away from Malala. In fact, when you put them side by side and look closely, Malala comes out looking even more incredible. Who among us can say they were that with it at 18? That's what I thought. Malala beyond a role model. She's a superhero. What do you think? Is it even fair to compare Kylie and Malala? Source: MamaMia  

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