Is it ok to wear makeup to Work Out?

We all know it’s not the best choice, but we do it anyway, don’t we? Part of exercising is about feeling good about ourselves and, for some of us, makeup helps out a lot in the process. You guys already know I’m a makeup artist and a fashion and beauty blogger, and I write the blog called The Red Lil’ Shoes, where I usually write tips on makeup, put on tutorials, but I’ll try to go straight to the point here:  if you’re gonna do it, choose the right products! Here’s how you pick the best type of makeup for your daily workouts:
  1. If you have good skin, a good primer will do the trick! It will hide the pores very well, and if it’s got a silicon base, it’s even better: the silicon molecules are water resistant and are too big to become logged in pores, so that’s a great pick!
  2. Pick a great transfer-resistant foundation, so it will last through all the workout, or at least, most of it!
  3. Go with a light coverage foundation: heavier coverage with more pigments is more likely to get caught in the pores and cause break outs.
  4. Pick the Non-comedogenic or Non-acnegenic type of cosmetics.
  5. Mascaras and eyeliner always waterproof! We don’t want to look like we have a black eye after working out, right?
  6. Take with you those blotting papers, you know? There are a few that are sooo cheap and they are great to take away that shinny effect from the makeup.
  7. Do not forget sunscreen!!! This is a must!
  8. Don’t overdo it: Pick neutral colors and a cute lipstick and you’re good to go!

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