Is It Safe to Wear a Bra at Night, or Should We Set Them Free?

Bras are both a blessing and a curse. They provide us support when we want and desire it, but they can dig in and leave us scrambling to tear them off the second we get home from work. And while some people prefer to sleep in them, others can barely stand to keep them on! You can talk to a variety of women with opposing views on the subject of support, however. Some say wearing their bra all day, even while they're sleeping, keeps their chest perky, while others see this as insanity, and believe that your boobs need to breathe a little. But what's the right answer? No real verdict has been reached on the subject, so you'll just have to review all the facts and make a decision that works best for you.

You Gotta Breathe!

Tips on wearing a bra.
Have big breasts? Sleeping in a bra might feel good if you feel like the weight of your bust is too much. However, be mindful not to keep them too constricted, which will cause your circulation to suffer. Skip the underwire and pick a bra that's about containment as opposed to support.

Bras Don't Give You Cancer

Tips on wearing a bra.
The idea that underwire bras, or any bra for that matter, can lead to cancer is a myth that doctors continue to dispel. In fact, a large-scale study that was published in Cancer Epidemiology analyzed 1500 post-menoausal women and discovered that there is no link that connects bra-wearing habits and any type of cancer. Furthermore, the American Cancer Society says, "We do not know of any epidemiologic studies published in scientific journals that suggest bras directly contribute to breast cancer risk or that lymphatic compression by bras might cause breast cancer." This myth comes from the 1995 book, Dressed to Kill: The link Between Breast Cancer and Bras, which is based on a study of 5500 women that parallels the two subjects, but doesn't actually contribute known breast cancer risk factors to the findings, such as family history and weight, Because it's not a cause-and-effect relationship, the study shouldn't scare the bras off of you! [bctt tweet="Is It Safe to Wear a Bra at Night, or Should We Set Them Free?"]


Hyperpigmentation or blemishes are a proven side-effect of wearing bras too often, so if you're experiencing this, moisturize often and give your boobs a break at night. Remember, too, that your bust size can fluctuate depending on pregnancy, breast feeding, and weight gain, so make sure you get properly sized.

Halle Berry Likes to Wear a Bra to Bed

Tips on wearing a bra.
This famous bombshell swears by wearing a bra at night, but if that's not your thing ... don't worry. A French study that was conducted more than 15 years ago found that wearing a bra at night provided no supportive benefit. In fact, it was found that free-boobing provided more tone and support since a little jiggle strengthens the ligaments. However, the study was only conducted on 330 girls. So, the bottom line is that, whether you want to wear a bra or not, just be mindful of this advice and always do what makes you comfortable.
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