Is Technology Changing The Way We Work Out?

Think about your workouts in the 90s. Now think about your workouts today. You've probably noticed more differences than similarities! You'd get dressed and load the Walkman with your favourite tape and off you'd go. Today, you've got to sync your fitness tracker to your fitness app or scroll through your television for your favourite workouts. It is frustrating as hell when these technologies fail us. But the more we think about it, the harder it is to imagine how we even survived without them! Here is a look at how things have evolved! These days, we don’t have to shove our Walkman in our sweatshirt to run up and down stairs.   Or limit our playlists to just 10 songs.   When working out at home, we don't have to rewind the Pilates VHS beforehand.   Or deal with VCR glitches during the workout.   [bctt tweet="With better equipment, fitness trackers and MP3 players, how did we even managed before!?"] Now, we can find a workout on demand or on YouTube.   And we're not stuck flailing our arms and legs to a cheesy video.   Workout classes are super easy to sign up for online.   So we don’t show up just to find out there’s no room left.   Thanks to surround sound and fancy lighting, our dances classes have gone from this:    To this:   New equipment, like the TRX, has revolutionized our workouts.   Compared to some old gear, which just didn't deliver.   Today, treadmills are more tricked out than ever, with TV and audio hook-ups to make workouts a breeze.   Thanks to Bluetooth headphones, we can run and lift weights without cords getting tangled and messing up our form. giphy (45) And with an armband in our workout arsenal, we never have to run like this again.  giphy (46) We've ditched our sweatbands for sweat-wicking tops. giphy (47) So when we get all sweaty, we don't look like a hot mess (even when we are). giphy (48) Even post-workout recovery is better with the advent of vibrating foam rollers. giphy (49) Instead of memorizing a route on MapQuest.giphy (50) Now there are fitness trackers that do all of that—plus, they read our heart rate, energy expenditure, and even sleep patterns. giphy (51) So we know exactly how much activity we need to do to reach our fitness goals. giphy (52) We are living in glorious times! How has technology changed the way you work out? Tell us about it. Source: Shape Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_116130" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]  

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