Is The Popularity Of Butt Implants Distorting Our Body Goals?

We all have body goals -- each and every one of us. We look at people we see on television, social media or in the pages of magazines and feel the unique mix of envy and inspiration that prompts us to head to the gym and work that much harder. But what if what you are looking at and aspiring to isn't even 'real?' A relatively new cosmetic procedure is taking hold and it is pushing our body expectations to the limits. Brazilian butt lifts are the latest thing in celebrity circles. From suspicions about the curvaceous Kardashian sisters and Iggy Azalea to, most recently, the before and after photos of Teen Mom 2 star  Kailyn Lowry, the topic is everywhere. Butt implants appear to be the new breast implants. They create a beauty standard that is not attainable through natural means but it is carried off in such a way that it can cause us to feel insecure about our natural shapes. Kailyn Lowry's pictures show what looks to be a painful surgery with a lengthy recovery. (She also reportedly had liposuction, a tummy tuck and breast augmentation). butt implant Making the decision to cosmetically alter your body is a profoundly personal one. We all have reasons for the decisions we make. We are not here to judge those decisions. But, as with any surgery, there are great risks to your health and the financial costs can be astronomical. Is it really worth it? Women are often looking to improve their backsides. They want high, firm, round butts and are willing to do just about anything to get them. This becomes a problem when we look at the way butt implants have created an impossible and unnatural standard of beauty. Are there women walking the planet who naturally have a backside like Nicki Minaj? Of course there are but they would be in the minority. For most women, that level of shapeliness is just not possible. [bctt tweet="Is The Popularity Of Butt Implants Distorting Our Body Goals?"] We must be realistic in our goals. It is okay to look at surgically enhanced bodies and want to improve your own but you have to remember that no amount of diet and exercise will get you those results. You can lift your butt and firm it up but you'll not wake up one day and be full on Kardashian sized. And you know what, that's just fine! You can improve your body composition in ways you've never imagined but don't get disappointed if you never manage to rock  a major bubble butt. By eating right and exercising, you can make your body look phenomenal. But at the end of the day, it will still be your body and that's a truly beautiful thing. If you are interested in losing weight and toning up, we can help you. Our Beginner Bootcamp Challenge  and  Intermediate Bootcamp Challenge are fabulous resources that can be delivered to your inbox, each day for 30 days, absolutely free. In both programs, the workouts are 10-12 minutes long and will, for sure, get your heart pumping. No need to spend hours at the gym when you can crush a 12 minute workout at home! Edith and Lisa are there for you every step of the way offering support and encouragement for your journey. Join us and completely transform your life. A firmer butt will just icing on the cake! Source: Daily Mail [caption id="attachment_118618" align="alignnone" width="100"]instagram logo @BodyRockOfficial[/caption] [caption id="attachment_118619" align="alignnone" width="100"]@BodyRockTV @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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