Is The Soylent Diet The End Of Food As We Know It?

I like food and I'm guessing you do too. But, well, you may be wasting your time with Soylent hanging around. Soylent is a liquid gruel high in calories intended to replace all of your meals. Curious? It is a powder and an oil that you mix together to make a 16 ounce, 500 calorie drink that you consume three times a day (or more often if you'd like). If that sounds like too much effort, the company that produces it is working on a premixed version. soylent diet As for how it tastes, there seems to be a range of responses including: “thin pancake batter” to “slightly better than the stuff you get before a colonoscopy.” Eek. Doesn't sound all that great. Soylent was invented by Rob Rhinehart, a 22 year old Silicone Valley app developer who was tried of spending so much money on food. He reversed engineered a drink that would give him a days worth of nutrition for the price of a take out meal. It currently runs about $9 a day. Rhinehart, himself, claims to have been living on the drink for the past 2 years. Consumers report feeling increased energy so maybe it isn't totally bogus. The biggest downside reported is a large amount of gas and bloating in the first week. There are mixed thoughts on whether or not humans need phytochemicals (the nutritional stuff found in plants) which are noticeably absent from Soylent. And what makes this different from other liquid diets like SlimFast and Nutren? Not much apparently. At this point, I plan to stick with food. Although I'm relieved to learn that this Soylent doesn't contain people, it still doesn't sound very appetizing. What do you think? Would you give it a try? Is this the way of the future? Source: Shape  

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