Is This 39-Week Pregnant Woman's Advanced Yoga Practice Safe?

When you think of someone doing backbends, handstands, splits, intense arm balances and forearm stands, an "advanced" yogi might come to mind, but not a 39-week pregnant woman. But this video will certainly make you think twice about that. This woman definitely didn't start practicing yoga for the first time while she was pregnant, but you might be wondering if all these advanced poses are OK for her to do. Doctors say being this active is totally fine, as long as you're not harming the baby in any way. And while yoga is important to keep the body flexible and the mind calm, there are some yoga versions and poses to avoid, like hot yoga due to dehydration, inversions due to the risk of falling, and deep twists and forward folds. Nonetheless, the woman in this video looks like she's got it down pretty good. Susan Cline Lucey is a pre- and postnatal-yoga instructor and doula who has her own opinion on this woman's practice. "All of those poses are not new to her or new to her body, so I wouldn't say they are specifically all bad," she says. Susan also notes that her poses look even, meaning she is not experiencing any physical instability even with a baby inside of her, which can often throw off the center of gravity. However, Susan did mention that those ab-related poses may be risky, since, during pregnancy, these core muscles experience intense stretching which can lead to a condition called diastasis, which is when the abs separate resulting in the uterus, bowels, and other organs having merely a thin band of connective tissue in front, which works to keep them in place. The result of this can cause urine leaking, lower back pain and even a hernia amongst other things. Of this specific woman in the video, Susan notes that it looks as though her abs "are coning some", which points to the possibility of separation. Another thing to take note of is relaxin, which is the hormone responsible for loosening up muscles, joint and ligaments in a pregnant woman, making it more difficult for them to balance in poses, including inversions. As far as the baby is concerned, Susan says that "babies are resilient as well as the home (meaning the womb)." Yet she still suggests women take it easy at the end of their pregnancy. Every individual needs to do what's right for them, however, so with the blessing of your doctor, do what works for you! What are your thoughts on this video? Source: Popsugar Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_116130" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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