Is this you ?

Some of you may need this today - Are you in ??? Ok let's get real by recognizing what you are doing !! You know what your doing don't you ??? .... it's the same patten you always follow  - So today we are stopping all of the excuses as you also know how to break out of this cycle. You get up Monday - train hard instead of taking baby steps and just doing a little everyday - you decide to cut out everything you class as 'bad' from your diet immediately - which generally means no small steps, you just jump right in & inevitably, as you have now decided carbs are the enemy in any form  you stumble mid week, or you are awesome and make it to the weekend as you have no temptation. The weekend comes & you are either surrounded by the temptation of friends, be it either going out, or the peer pressure of the company you keep who are not as supportive as you would like & make you feel bad for not 'joining in' by making comments on your level of working out, or 'you only life once' is brought into the mix, or you get comments that you are becoming addictive or too skinny or have an unhealthy obsession *sigh* maybe now because u have chosen to eat healthy & look after the one body you were given you are now no fun & becoming boring etc ... ??? sound familier so far ?? Or maybe you have done the classic - we have all been here, & you have eaten all of the good foods (or foods you like the most lol ) you proudly purchased Sunday night for the week ahead (well done by the way for this) but you did the classic and didn't prepare your meals & split the ingredients for the week, so now there's only food you didn't really like left and you only like these things with a sauce or dip lol which you decide to either eat with a those choices or you end up throwing it all out and decide to wait until sunday to buy some new ingredients for 'the week' which seems to mean starting on monday for some reason :/ - even if its wednesday ? So now you have inevitably made the choice to eat out and this includes temptation & more importantly cooking with ingredients you are unaware of as you have chosen off the menu instead of making up your own plate of food (which you could have done btw - even the foods you didn't really like - its just a case of trying new ways of cooking food)   - well it is the weekend right !?!?! Deep down you know you could eat better if you cook yourself but you can't be bothered or don't shop until Sunday lol or you dont have anything to cook with ??!! - or you are someone who use's the weekend as an excuse to eat whatever you want - well, you worked alllll week right ?? so you treat your efforts by eating whatever you can get your hands on even if you consider them 'healthy snacks' ... (this is where the hidden calories live - believe me) The food you choose to have out is usually not that great compared to what you have focused on eating all week, but you know this, its all about will power & effort :) Ooorrrr do you do the classic of - I've been good all week and instead of a small treat if a glass of wine or a small desert etc - you don't even realize it as your not on your A GAME & you eat and drink all of the calories you work so hard on keeping off all week over the two days by scoffing popcorn at the cinema ( have you ever googled popcorn calories ?? Or you have a few cheeky Starbucks .. Again educate yourself  you won't do it again lol ) So you Eat crap ... You feel crap !! & you are obsessed with the scales they haven't moved ( this is probably due to water retention, time of the month, dehydration, muscle density (as you are now training so your muscle will weigh more) and this is just depressing you more as you don't believe this will work for you - even tho it will - you just need to make it a lifestyle not a fad ... & you are not taking the above into account at all but still expect to step on the scales and lose 6 pounds overnight .... Note to self : this will not happen ... Get rid of the scales and concentrate on how you look & feel in your clothes - some people weigh the same but lose inches all over & dress sizes ! Scales do big determine your fitness level or body type !!! Sooooo this is where we are at ..... You had a bad weekend of you know you were not as focused as you should be & you decide Monday to Train harder and faster and longer than you ever have before .... you eat healthy & tuesday you train hard again .... even though your absolutely exhausted from the previous days training & as you haven't eaten at all ( or very little as you have the idea that no food = more weight loss .. Which is ridiculous btw ) you are becoming exhausted and your will power is tested ...... This is what will happen ....... Exhausted ... This makes your will power just take over you crave to eat crap and your body is weak & sore - so when you do train you don't work as hard as you know you can, which leaves you frustrated & just angry with yourself as you have again stepped on the scales and OMG you gained a pound ... How is this possible *sad face* So by mid week you don't even eat right anymore you are just back to your old habits and by Friday you decide that you will start again Monday ....... Can you relate to this ??? It's time to be honest with yourself :)) ... This is the first step towards positive changes :))) ... Are you ready to change for good ??? This will work, there are hundreds of people who have posted their results ... but it takes commitment & consistency everyday :) I am here to help you but it needs to be a change that you are strong enough to see through & can't do this for you you need to commit to it & want it :) Are you in ?? L xx   Click Here For More Motivation     Let's do this together ?  

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