Is Weight Loss Possible With Exercise Alone?

A controversial new campaign came from the marketing department of Coca Cola recently which is pushing the idea that curbing obesity is as easy as getting more active. Coke is challenging the concept that calorie cutting and watching what you eat has a substantial impact on weight loss. So in short - indulge in sugary beverages all you want, as long as you hit the gym.   exercise But Coke is a soft drink giant, and doesn't have scientific merit behind it's claims. Charlotte Markey, a diet and behaviour expert from Rutgers University, delves into the actual scientific correlations between weight and exercise. "Some sort of exercise regimen keeps [people] focused on their health and doing what is good for them, and it’s psychologically healthy. But in and of itself it won’t usually help people lose weight." explains Charlotte. Ultimately, working out has an amazing list of benefits for your body from stress relief, a balanced mood, disease prevention and increased energy. For someone looking to lose a substantial amount of weight, exercise needs to be part of a proper diet and healthy habits to have any impact. "People should exercise for their health overall but alone it’s not good for weight loss." Charlotte adds. So Coke's message of using exercise as your only source of getting fit is totally unsubstantiated. "In reality, we need people to stop drinking sugary beverages like soda. Soda is the one consumable beverage that is repeatedly cited as having the biggest impact on obesity rates." Charlotte advises. What are your thoughts? Have you recently cut out soft drinks and noticed a change? Source: Scientific America    

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