Is Yoga Safe? New Study Has Uncovered The Truth!

The publication titled "How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body" by William Broad raised some questions back in 2012 as to whether this beloved practice was actually safe for many people. The article, published in The New York Times, explained that multitudes of people injure themselves trying to be expert yogis when they are only on their second lesson. They don't properly prepare their bodies for the activity, and end up pulling a tendon. A recent study conducted by Dr. Holger Cramer uncovered that yoga is no more dangerous to the human body than literally any other physical sport. The danger, as Broad pointed out, is ego. is yoga safe The fundamentals of this ancient practice are healing, renewal and the shedding of ego. But first timers, to intermediates, to teachers themselves have fallen victim to Yoga-Ego. They try to bend and contort to show off, and ending up bent out of shape. Instead of hitting the mat to look cool, try yoga for it's actual health and healing benefits. Dr. Cramer found in his research that yoga can help aid chronic back pain and even provide psychological improvements such as mental clarity, stress relief and a better mood. With any exercise, listening to your body and honing in on what you are actually capable of is important when beginning a yoga routine. It's not a competition! What are your thoughts? Do you practice yoga and have a list of benefits to share? Source: Bustle    

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