Is your job killing your workout routine?

Do you wake up early just to workout? I'm up at 6:15am but I'm a morning person, so it's no bother, but I know many people struggle to do this. Or maybe you prefer working out after you get home from work? I also try to squeeze in a workout (or activity like biking) in the evening but sometimes you're so tired or busy with events and work that by the time you get home, it's well past your bed time (which makes it difficult for those early morning workouts). But as long as you get that one workout in, you're good....right? I used to think that my morning workouts (coupled with healthy eating) were good enough. But recently, research has shown that being sedentary for most of the day is really bad for your health. REALLY bad, even for those of us that do workout regularly. Most of us have a sedentary job (where you sit for most of the day). I love my career, but most of it does require me to sit at a computer. So are all my workouts for nothing?

Sitting all day is bad for your health. So don't sit all day.

The recommendation from health professionals is to incorporate more workouts during the day, once an hour is preferable. And it's surprisingly easy! Sure, it would be great to be able to throw your favourite BodyRock video on a projector in a meeting room and sweat it out on your lunch hour, but that's not realistic****. So here's the inside scoop on how to squeeze more exercise into your day and avoid health problems of a sedentary life style. ****If you're blessed with an office with showers, consider yourself lucky and take advantage. If you're like me, keep a package of baby wipes and a change of clothes in your desk just in case you do break out in a little glow :)

Workouts you can do at work

  • Desk Yoga: These videos from the Kripalu Centre for Yoga & Health are 5-7 min mini yoga breaks you can do at your desk. It's a better jolt of afternoon energy than a cup of coffee!
  • Resistance bands: These are especially helpful if you're on a conference call. Click here for my Pinterest board for ideas.
  • 2 mins every hour: Set your timer on your phone or in your email calendar and every hour do one exercise for 2 mins. Squats, burpees, wall squats - anything!
  • Park farther away and walk Sometimes taking public transits or walking just isn't feasible. But, you don't have to park RIGHT next to the office. (well, maybe on a rainy day).
  • Don't send email or use the phone to talk to co-workers - Depends on the size of your office. Bonus is that you get less email!
  • Walk: Classic lunchtime walk. Works best in warm weather and with nice running shoes.
  • Stairs: Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Bike ride to work: to avoid getting too sweaty, take it at a leisurely pace. I've ridden in a skirt and sandals so no need to think you need a special outfit.
And if you can enlist a few of your co-workers to join you, even better!

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