Is Your Loofah Causing Your Skin To Break Out?

The main purpose of a loofah is to exfoliate, which is a benefit for any acne-riddled skin. But after using your trusty bath scrub for a while, it may actually become the cause of your bad breakouts.

When you first buy a loofah, it is clean and hygienic. After a few rounds of face scrubbing, it can become clogged with dead skin cells. These skin cells get caught in the fibres of the loofah and when it's hung up in a damp place like the shower, bacteria begins to breed. So as you use it to cleanse and clean, you're literally wiping your face with dead skin and bacteria.

If you're pretty wigged out by now, don't worry - there is hope to saving your loofah and preventing pimples. Here are 3 ways to promote proper scrubby care:

  1. Dry your loofah away from the shower. Hang it by a window to allow air circulation.
  2. Bleach it or use a natural anti-bacterial solution to kill off unwanted germs. Soak your loofah in your chosen solution, then rinse and dry.
  3. Throw it away if it's been a while. Just like towels, you can notice when a loofah is getting worse for wear and it's time to just buy a new one. They are often inexpensive.

What are your beauty tips for preventing breakouts? Share them with us!

Source: Bustle


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