Is Your New Exercise Habit Making You Feel Hungrier? Here's Why!

Adopting a new workout routine is a wonderful thing. You feel energized, you're losing weight and looking trimmer, you're totally in love with the post-workout endorphin high. You've come to realize that you really like being active and the sense of accomplishment you feel when you when meet your workout goals. You may have also come to realize something else. You may have noticed that when you are done your workout, you feel absolutely ravenous. You're hungry enough to eat a horse.

This can be particularly frustrating if you are trying to lose weight by creating a calorie deficit. So what is responsible for making you hungry and what habits can you adjust?

Why You're So Hungry After a Workout

It may be as simple as the type of workout you are doing. Studies have found that the more intensely you workout, the less ghrelin your body produces. Ghrelin is the hormone responsible for your feelings of hunger. So if you are doing long, low-intensity exercises, it could be the reason you feel so hungry. However, other research has found that even women who workout intensely, eat more calories after a exercise than people who don't workout. Clearly there is obviously something else contributing to the hunger. If you are crushing intense exercises and wanting to eat the entire contents of your fridge when you are done, you may be dehydrated. Our bodies often mistake thirst for hunger. This fact makes staying hydrated during your workouts even more important!

How to Prevent Disproportionate Hunger After a Workout

If you find you are eating more than you should after a workout, you may find yourself not wanting to continue. It is important to remember that exercise isn't only good for weight loss, it is key in helping prevent many diseases, boosting immunity and making you feel better in general. So instead of packing in your fitness routine, try adopting these habits and see if it makes a difference.
  • Try doing HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts instead of low-intensity workouts. For over 66 hours of workouts on demand, check out Sweatflix℠!
  • Drink water before and during your workout.
  • Make sure you strength train at least three times a week. Muscles boost your metabolism and helps you burn more calories all day long.
  • Eat a small pre-workout snack 30 minutes before you start.
  • Have a high-carb, high-protein snack after your workout and eat dinner a little bit later. This will help to build your muscle and energy stores.
  • Stick with it. Give your body time to adapt. As your body changes, you will be able to figure out how to fuel it properly without going off the rails when it comes to your weight loss goals. Keep yourself on track by following the BodyRock Meal Plan. This 30 day menu plan comes with a nutrition guide and a recipe book with over 70 offerings! This means you'll be well on your way to giving your body exactly what it needs to function at its the best.

Do you feel hungry after a workout?



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