Why Isn't The Real, Untouched, Kate Moss Enough?

Kate Moss is 41 and doesn't look a day older than she did when her career started over 20 years ago. Or at least that is how she appears in her latest photos for her Rimmel make up line. The line seeks to help all women feel great. Moss says, "I want every girl to feel great in her own skin and find her perfect nude." That's great, but shouldn't that be the method used in the ads? There is NO doubt that Moss has been airbrushed and photoshopped in these pics and it makes me wonder what it means if even Kate Moss isn't 'perfect' enough to appear naturally. Trying to make 40 something models look 20 is not helpful to anyone. Sure, it may move product but it just perpetuates an impossible standard. As it stands, most of us -- not matter how hard we try -- will not be able to look like a supermodel. Shoot, I'm not even close to being tall enough. Models already represent an ideal image many can't reach but it is compounded when you take that ideal and 'perfect it' even more by editing the pics. Shes's hocking a natural, nude line of make up and yet isn't natural in the ad. How is that right? I refuse to believe that an untouched Kate Moss is anything less than stunning. Why is she not enough for us? If we are going to so alter already beautiful women, why don't we just use digital avatars? Before you laugh, think about it. Is it really so different? As it is, Moss' photos present something artificial, why not go the whole nine yards? What's your take on all this? h/t: Daily Mail Follow us on Instagram here: https://instagram.com/p/4rBsV7gHWa/?taken-by=bodyrockofficial/embed (Get the full workout here) [caption id="attachment_97915" align="alignnone" width="100"]@BodyRockTV @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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