It Took Chelsey Conlon Four Years To Lose 50 Lbs.: She Couldn’t Be Happier

Before Weight: 185 After Weight: 135 conlon Her Lifestyle When Chelsey was a kid, she would binge eat with cookies, ice cream, and nachos whenever she was stressed. She never did any kind of physical activity so her eating habits made her pile on some pounds. When she was 16 years old, she weighed 186 pounds. Due to her being 5’4, that wasn’t her ideal weight. Chelsey knew she was overweight and she was always reminded during her checkups with her doctor. She would be told that her cholesterol levels were too high and she was at risk for diabetes. She already knew she should lose weight, but that was easier said than done. She was the biggest out of all her friends, which made her more uneasy. Chelsey would try to watch her portion sizes or give up specific snacks. She found it hard to stick to that as her and her family went out to eat a lot. Her friends also always wanted to hang out at a fast food restaurant. The Big Change Chelsey was driving by a gym one day and she saw that it was cheap to join. She decided to stop and sign up. She started by working out on the treadmill and elliptical for a half hour for three times each week. She began to turn to exercise when she was upset instead of eating. Even though she had been exercising, she knew she had to watch her food intake as well. She focused on her portion sizes as she didn’t want to over-stuff herself. Her friends still wanted to always go out to eat and she had to remind herself to just say no as she just worked hard in the gym. She didn’t want to give up what she had just worked hard for, for a burger or a taco. In six months, Chelsey had lost 10 pounds. She had increased energy and felt better overall. When she began college, there was no “freshman 15” for her because she still lived at home. There was no temptation for food. She always packed a lunch and some healthy snacks. Overtime, Chelsey got even stronger at the gym. She started working out six days each week and began lifting weights. She found strength training to benefit her. Unfortunately, Chelsey’s new found love for the gym became a bad obsession. She would reduce her calories drastically if she wasn’t going to the gym. She would cancel plans with friends just so she could get a workout in. If she was sick or didn’t have time to work out, she would constantly be thinking that she should be working out. She was able to finally understand that just because she missed a workout, it didn’t mean she would gain all of her weight back that she lost in one day. Over a four year time period, she has lost 51 pounds. She said she is happy with it taking that long because she has been able to keep it off. She is now the fit one in her group of friends and people are always asking her about weight loss tips. Source: Womenshealthmag    

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