Its ok Not To Care About the Superbowl (or other sports)

I’m a Colorado girl.  I love everything about this state, it has some of the best skiing and mountain biking in the world and with the state split by the Rocky Mountains you’re never really far from a mountain getaway.  I’m even partly happy that the Denver Broncos have made it thus far in the playoffs this year. Let’s just get one thing straight...the Super Bowl is not the end all be all of my world.  Not even close.  It happens every single year with the same hype and the same disappointment.  I grew up watching football, my dad loves it and my mom is a big Seattle fan.  But having played and watched soccer my entire life I find the pace of a football game exceptionally slow.  Most of the three hours you spend watching a game is listening to the commentators. But I digress, this isn’t a rant about football.  It’s obviously a sport that requires a great deal of athleticism and partial insanity (or courage-take your pick).  As much as the United States loves the Super Bowl and all of the hype that goes along with’s ok to not care.  It’s ok to not have your entire Sunday devoted to watching a game.  It’ll happen again next year, that I can guarantee. It’s ok not to spend hours worrying about the next team your team is playing and trying to figure out all of the outcomes of such matchups.  Its ok because you don’t have to care.  Nothing against football fans...but you don’t have to apologize for not caring about the Superbowl.  Why?  Because some people don’t care about Downton Abbey (the horror) or England’s Premier League or all of us fab people at The Daily Hiit. Love what you love and don’t apologize for it.  After all...whoever judges you for not caring will forget next fall when the season starts up again.

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