It's Time to Debunk the No Carbs at Night Rule

Carbs aren't all that popular in a lot of health circles these days. From the Paleo lovers who keep most carbs at bay unless they're such types as sweet potatoes, bananas or plantains, and only to be consumed as fuel for workouts, to Keto eaters who avoid them altogether, they've been given a bad rap in terms of achieving weight loss success. And then there are just the health aficionados in general who will shake their heads at you if you're eating carbs for dinner. What's up with that? It's time to learn the truth about how and when you should actually be consuming your carbs. Carb Up For Better Sleep Need a good night's sleep? A 2011 study confirmed that consuming carbs in the evening makes way for a sleepy self. Researchers also found that when mice were given carbs later in the day, their circadian clocks (in charge of regulating daily behaviours and biology in humans) actually reset. Schedule Your Carb Time Research has found that those who late-night snack end up gaining weight. How can you avoid being a part of that group? Include a small portion of healthy carbs in your dinner to fill you up and provide you with your final fuel of the day. Eat Carbs, Lose Weight Toss out your snacking habits and incorporate carbs at the right time to lose weight. A study conducted in 2011 supports this idea. In 2011, 78 obese members of the Israeli Police Force helped bust a myth on consuming carbs in the evening. In the study, one group consumed a low-calorie diet with 45 to 50 percent carb intake, most being eaten at dinnertime. The other group spread their carb intake out by eating them throughout the day. The former group lost an average of 6 pounds more than the latter. Carb lovers take note. Make The Right Choice Before you go buy buckets of starchy carbs, remember that these findings only support quality carbs like quinoa, whole grain bread, beans and sweet potatoes. For some ideas on how to stick with the healthy carbs, check out the BodyRock Meal Plan. More than just a month long menu planner, this plan comes with a detailed nutrition guide and an added recipe book with over 70 offerings! Are you a carb lover? How do you incorporate them into your daily diet? Source: Inside Fitness

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