It's Time to Toss Out These 5 Myths About Abs, So You Can Start Seeing Results

When it comes to achieving a sexy set of abs, there seems to be a lot of information circulating about regarding what move is right, and what one is wrong. Are crunches outdated? How fast should I do my reps? All the questions and concerns are undoubtedly more exhausting than the moves themselves! 5 myths about abs you need to forget And with fashion fueling crop tops and peek-a-boo dresses, ladies are seriously tuning in to tone up their midsections. So if you're trying to get that washboard tummy sooner than later, you'll need to throw out these 5 myths. Myth #1: You Can Crunch Away Fat Your six-pack will never show no matter how many crunches you do if you don't incorporate total body calorie-burning workouts and eat right says Los Angeles-based trainer Mike Donavanik, C.S.C.S., creator of Extreme Burn workout DVDs. Myth #2: Your Ab Reps Should Be as Fast as Possible You've got to slow it down in order to increase the time your muscles are under tension. A slow and controlled range of motion is key to seeing results. Plus, your form will be better! Myth #3: You Can’t Have Chiseled Abs and Eat Carbs You need fuel to fight through a tough workout, and healthy carbs will give you that. Incorporate whole grains, fruits and veggies. Myth #4: You Shouldn't Work Your Abs Every Day Abs are the exception to this rule. “Your abs are working almost 24/7—from the moment you rise in the morning until the moment you lie down to go to sleep at night,” Donavanik says. “So yes, you can and should work your abs everyday. That’s the most functional way to train them.” Myth #5: You Can Work Just Your Lower Abs “Technically, there is no such thing as upper or lower abs. I even cringe when I say ‘upper abs’ or ‘lower abs.’ But it's easier than explaining the whole science behind it, especially when you're short on time,” Donavanik says. All of the segments you've heard of are part of one large sheet of muscle. Have you been believing any of these myths? Source: Details  

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