It's Yoga Pants Season! Try These 14 Body Workouts To Prepare

Ah, autumn. The cool breeze, the changing leaves, the smell of pumpkin spice filling the air. And, not to mention it's the time of the year for leggings and yoga pants! It's time to get fun and funky with crazy patterns, cozy fabrics and all around good vibes. Before you pull on your fav pair of spandex stretchies, you must give your booty a little boost. Here are 14 workouts that will tighten and tone your bod so you can rock any cute leggings you come across: #1 Donkey Kick and Fire Hydrant Combo [embed][/embed] #2 Pistol Squat #3 Chair Squat #4 Split Squat #5 Single Leg Dead Lift #6 Plie Squat #7 Hamstring Curl #8 Downward Dog Split #9 Scissor Kick #10 Calf Raise

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#11 Side Lunge
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#12 Reverse Lunge

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#13 Glute Bridge [embed][/embed] #14 Sumo Jump Squat [embed][/embed] What are your favourite moves for getting a tight and toned behind? Share your own workouts with us in the comments! Source: Elite Daily

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