J. Crew's Size 000

To much distaste, J. Crew recently added a size 000 or XXXS size to their clothing collection, measuring in at 30.5” bust and 23” waist, claiming that it is based on customer demand because the Asia market tends to run small. You know what runs small? J. Crew’s “size 16” collection models – heyooo. size000size16 Getting back to the point at hand, the measurement that the 000 size caters to is not the issue – I’m sure there are plenty of 30”bust/23” waisted women out there. The issue is that “0” should not be a size let alone 000 – zero means nothing, so these women are what? Triple nothing-sized? Does that not seem odd to anyone? Why should we be aspiring to be nothing? J. Crew could just have easily expanded the sizing upwards rather than down, and maintained a slightly more honest labeling of their sizes. What it comes down to is a matter of vanity sizing, where clothing manufacturers reset their sizes lower to make women feel better about themselves. Basically, as Capitol Hill Style blogger Belle puts it, “Vanity sizing is based on the misguided notion that you need to lie to women in order to sell clothing.” Can a sizing system just stick to one standard set of measurements please? No wonder I never know what size I am. Women should never be labeled by their size – clothes however, should be.    

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