Jada Pinkett Smith Has A Killer Beach Body And We Know How She Got It!

44-year-old, Jada Pinkett Smith turned heads on a recent family vacation in Hawaii. Wearing a form-fitting, low-cut Versace suit, the actress showed off an enviable physique! Her tight and toned body didn't occur all on its own, however. She works like crazy to keep herself healthy and looking right. “At one point, I wanted to go into a pro-fitness competition, so I was training really hard,” she said. “I never did it, but that’s how I geared my mind, and I got too muscular. Now, I’m bringing it down. My trainer and I are into reps instead of heavy weights because the goal now is about sculpting.” The results of this new plan are more than evident. jada3 One of her favourite workouts involves stairs. Because, she says, "at this particular point in my life, the attributes I really want to focus on are my butt and my legs. With the steps, I can sculpt glutes, quads, and calves; it’s a serious lower-body workout, and at the same time, I’m doing cardio.” Pinkett Smith believes in efficiency when it comes to her workouts, never putting in a session that lasts longer than 45 minutes. "I'm never in the gym longer than 45 minutes. Just be consistent, that's it! It doesn't necessarily have to be intense, and you will see a difference," she says. But her workouts don't just stop at cardio and stair climbing, she also turns to yoga and resistance training to keep herself toned. And those admirable arms? They come from body weight exercises like push-ups and strength training using light weights. jada2 [bctt tweet="Jada Pinkett Smith Has A Killer Beach Body And We Know How She Got It!"] Pinkett Smith often mixes up her workout routine based on the results she's getting or the food she's been eating. When she's had a heavy carb week, she's prepared to have a heavy week at the gym. She believes one can eat whatever they want as long as they are willing to put in the work after the fact. But she isn't afraid to tweak her diet in the same way she tweaks her workouts. “Our bodies are our own unique universes,” she says. “Personally, I like to eat carbs. Breakfast is oatmeal, a banana, and another piece of fruit like a grapefruit or an orange. Later I have soft-boiled eggs or an egg-white omelet with spinach or salad. I make sure to have a lot of greens and fruit in my diet.” The avid vegetarian isn't afraid to do whatever it is her body is telling her to do. She was once told by a trainer that eating carbs would make her unhealthy but, she says, "what I realized is that I wasn't eating enough of the proper foods like pasta and rice. I needed more of a high-carb situation in order to facilitate the amount of calories I burn." jada1 So how does Pinkett Smith stay motivated to work out? She explains, "the number one reason I go to the gym is because it keeps me sane. It gives me a place to exert energy, frustration, sadness, happiness, and joy. I don’t go to the gym just to look good. I go because it also keeps my head straight.” Proof that if you go to the gym to improve your inner health, your outer health will follow! Do you think you could handle a fit life like Pinkett Smith's? Source: Pulse.ng, OK!, Examiner [caption id="attachment_121913" align="alignleft" width="100"]snapchat logo @BodyRockTV[/caption] [caption id="attachment_121912" align="alignleft" width="100"]instagram logo @BodyRockOfficial[/caption]

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