Jamie Oliver Vs McDonalds

Yet another reason I’m glad that I’m vegetarian, McDonald’s has finally decided to change their recipe in the U.S. Until recently, they’d been using a pink slime like beef filler for their patties, which Jamie Oliver has raged against throughout the years in documentaries, in interviews, and on his show Food Revolution, which you can check out a clip of here: McDonald’s has long maintained that their product is cheap because they can buy from their suppliers at a low cost, while serving the best quality products. I am highly doubtful that ammonium hydroxide washed pink slime is the highest of quality meat. Plus, the UK and Latin American McDonald’s don’t practice the pink slime recipe, yet somehow manage to keep costs low. jamieolivercowprice There are so many things wrong with this; firstly, before the washing process the meat they use is deemed “unfit for human consumption”, then after washing it in ammonium hydroxide, a chemical that is used in cleaning agents and wood stain among other things, is somehow deemed acceptable to eat. Even worse than this, ammonium hydroxide is recognized by the FDA as GRAS (generally recognized as safe), and the United States Department of Agriculture does not deem it necessary to label when this chemical is used because it is considered part of the production procedure. jamieoliver2 Although McDonald’s hasn’t stated that Jamie Oliver’s campaign was the reason behind the decision to change the recipe, I’d be pretty hard-pressed to find a better deterrent to McDonald’s meat than the video above. Although really, did anyone ever think McDonalds was all that healthy to begin with? jamieolivermcdicks

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