Jennifer Aniston Maintains Her Bombshell Shape By Eating THIS

The ageless actress has been praised for her healthy, sustainable eating habits for many years. Jennifer Aniston, now 46, has an uncomplicated approach to life and it translates into her diet as well. Every morning, Jen wakes up and walks her three dogs and then takes a stroll through her garden to pick out some fresh ingredients for her go-to breakfast. This simple meal has been her most coveted weight loss and health secret. She starts with a piece of toast covered in coconut oil, which Jen says is as spreadable as butter. Coconut oil balances cholesterol levels, boosts your body's energy expenditure and fat burning capabilities, and is powerfully antibacterial. The next component to her satisfying morning meal are fresh, organic eggs that she raises in her own backyard. Eggs give her high quality protein to keep her energized throughout the day, and are rich in vitamin B12, B6, B2, zinc and iron. Organic eggs are free of any agricultural chemical residue. easy nutritious breakfast "The trick to a perfect egg is to put a little vinegar in the water, spin it, then drop in your cracked egg.” she reveals.  After breakfast, Jen smashes a 90-minute workout thanks to the fuel her simple foods provide.  “I Spin, do elliptical and lately I’ve been doing barre. [Barre] works the teeny little muscle groups that are the connective, and then elongates them." she explains in a new interview. Could you keep up with Jennifer's morning routine? What is your go-to breakfast? Source: Pop Sugar  

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