Jennifer Garner is One Tough Mama

Jennifer Garner recently spoke to Us Magazine about parenting her three children. "You treat them like real kids," she said. Violet (9), Seraphina (6), and Samuel (3) don't get the star treatment just because they were born to Hollywood superstars Garner and actor hubby Ben Affleck. At a bike store recently, her youngest, Samuel, saw something he wanted and began to throw a tantrum when Garner told him no. The sales staff rushed to offer it to Samuel but Garner intervened, explaining that she appreciated the kindness but she had already told the kids there would be no treats that day. "I said no. No is no." Lest you think she's always cracking the whip,  Garner and Affleck also take time to do the little sweet things kids cherish, like adding notes to their lunches and making crafts at home, though garner says she's anything but crafty. She told Us, "If you ask me, 'Are you crafty?' I would say, 'No...' but it's something that we just do." In a world where moms are under pressure constantly to conform to the latest parenting style, from Tiger Mother to Free Range Parent, it's refreshing to see simple manners, structure, love, and boundaries in the Garner-Affleck household.    

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