Jennifer Garner's Baby Bump

Jennifer Garner, famous actress and mother of three has heard several rumours about her impending 4th child. I love Jennifer Garner, I have loved her since “13 Going On 30” and I will continue to love her for the rest of my days. I also love how she reacts to these speculations in this interview with Ellen: I would never be able to be a famous actor. Mainly because I can’t act, but more relevantly, I look like I have a baby bump after a large meal, when the wind catches my shirt in the wrong way, if I’m leaning far backwards, the wrong placement of a belt on an empire waist skirt, or if I exhale suddenly. I’d never escape the tabloid rounds, as I’d constantly be disappointing people with my empty womb. People will always be interested in celebrities’ lives, it’s kind of an unfortunate fact of life, but it’s nice that even though she is the source of such strangely specific speculation, Jen acknowledges the weirdness of this trend with a positive attitude, and a nice reminder that she’s a regular person with a regular body – and three babies later, she’s fine with a bit of a bump. It’s almost too bad she isn’t pregnant, because I’ve thought up a couple of possible tabloid headlines for the next nine months: It’s a boy! * It’s a girl!! * It’s twins!!! * Ben caught cheating! Pregnant Jen is devastated. Close personal inside source** reports on all the drama that caused him to stray Jen’s post-baby body – how she did it! ***   * Based on the expert opinion of someone who has never medically treated Jennifer Garner, but maybe spotted her at a Whole Foods once. ** aka the hairdresser of Jen and Ben’s ex-gardener’s grandmother. *** it involved exercise, eating well, and the fact that she looks great all the time anyway because of amazing genetics.

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