Jennifer Lawrence, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna: Celebs Go Make-Up Free

Many of us girls have mastered the no-makeup look. We're all guilty of posting a #nomakeup selfie on Insta while secretly baring concealer, grow gel and oh, a hint of mascara. Well these celeb A-listers are daring to show their real skin for the camera. Jennifer Lawrence Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 11.49.13 AM J-Law showed off her natural glow and wavy tresses in NYC. Her only cosmetic accessory in this snap shot is a hint of lip balm. Kendall Jenner screen-shot-2015-04-27-at-101417 The model and Kardashian sister reveals cute little freckles dotting her naked skin. She might be bashfully hiding from the camera, but we love her fresh faced look! Ellie Goulding gallery_nrm_1428398418-screen_shot_2015-04-07_at_101349 Ellie has always had a natural approach to beauty standards, so it's no surprise to see her happy in the skin she's in. She's captured here post workout with a raw, green juice to stay fit and hydrated. Drew Barrymore  drew-barrymore Drew is pictured here loving life in her natural state of beauty. Her wide smile and beaming radiance is worth much more than any cosmetics. Jessie J jessie-j-no-makeup-selfie The Brit-pop star posted this sleepy bedtime selfie with her boyfriend Luke James, wearing nothing but a bra. I personally prefer her bare face but her usual, more glam complexion. Rihanna rihannah-makeup-free Rihanna shows off her naked brows and baby soft skin with perhaps a hint of last night's mascara on her lashes. The pop sensation is always looking fresh, sultry and beautiful. What do you think of these celeb looks? Do you prefer these beauties bare faced?!  

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