Jennifer Lawrence's Babe of a Bodyguard Creates Internet Frenzy!

Starlet Jennifer Lawrence's smoking hot arm candy has caused quite the internet stir lately! The 24 year old Hunger Games actress has been seen out and about with what could easily be her new handsome, hunky man! But it turns out, he's just there to keep her safe. jen5 Twitter has become entranced by this hottie, with tweets trending professing love for the sexy security! He was recently spotted on the streets of NYC helping Jen, who was decked out in summery Daisy Duke shorts and a sun hat, carry bags into her hotel. jen2 He's even been seen helping carry Jen's puppy, Pippa, while the actress takes in the sites and gets a bit of shopping done. jen The fit and fine bodyguard does have a name! Greg! Sadly for all the internet fans going gaga for him, he's actually a recently married man. But that doesn't mean we can't admire his sexy physique from a far. He's been described as a "real Southern gentlemen". Ugh. What do you think of J.Law's sizzling security? Would you love to have a hot and in-shape personal assistant help you on a daily? Please share your thoughts in the comments!    

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