Jennifer Nicole Lee (39) Shows Off Cleavage and Sexy, Sculpted Abs

Under the hot Miami sun, trainer to the stars Jennifer Nicole Lee rocked her fitness routine while revealing her hot, ultra-toned physique. The former Miss Bikini America is not slowly down even when she's on vacation. 290BA52800000578-3095351-image-m-13_1432498787215 The mom of 2 wearing a sleek and fitted matching sports bra and short set, preformed lunges, majestic yoga poses and worked out with the help of resistance tube. Jennifer famously lost 70 pounds after having her children, entered and won a bikini competition and launched her fitness and motivational speaking career. She has also authored many e-books including "The Bikini Model Diet" and stars in video series "Fabulously Fit Moms". 290BA61F00000578-0-image-a-8_1432498637164 The fitness expert speaks candidly about what keeps her motivated to maintain her smoking hot bod. aleanon "I wake up grateful, and my first and last meetings of my day are with God. I start with prayer, and end in prayer, and I also keep myself reminded of my goals. I know that we all have choices, so I choose to design the life that I want to live-and do what makes me happy. My hubby and sons rock, and I got a solid family home life-that I’m so blessed with…Also my amazing fitness friends, VIP clients, and all of my social media contacts fuel my fitness fire, and keep me so inspired!" she reveals. aher As for her diet regime, she's not as strict as you think. Jennifer reaps the benefits of a glass of red wine every now and then, but for the most part she likes to eat healthy foods that have a little spice and exoticness to them. "I’m a true Mediterranean food lover. Sea food, steamed or roasted veggies, whole grains…a little bit of heart healthy dark chocolate…." the fit 39 year old explains. 290BDEF700000578-3095351-image-a-20_1432500612518 The sexy mom has certainly come a long way in her career and we love her focus and drive. Is Jennifer Nicole Lee your latest fitness inspiration? Let us know who you aspire to!

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