Jessica Alba Builds $1 Billion Company from The Ground Up!

Jessica Alba is a highly sought after celebrity, adored by men and women alike. But she is proving there is much more to her than toned legs and glowing skin. The actress as built a $1 billion (yes, billion with a B) company from the ground up. Her business-savvy was recognized by Forbes Magazine, hailing her a mommy mogul. It all started 7 years ago when Jessica cleverly noted a lack of natural, enviro-friendly products in the marketplace. She wanted to change that. The now 33 year old began drafting a business plan for the now mega-corpration The Honest Company. The mom of 2 girls created the company as something that is authentically her. Products range from non-toxic diapers to soaps, bottles to pillows and all are affordable. The brand has a charitable element, giving employees a percentage of sales and giving charities a percentage as well. The Honest Company has built a very conscious image in which consumers can trust in. As for Jessica, the busy mom, actress, activist and business woman is always on the go! How does she find the time to maintain her fitness regime and healthy lifestyle? jessica alba bikini body fitness healthy health lifestyle Jessica sticks to a diet free of processed foods, and adores kale smoothies, blueberries, spinach and cucumbers as snacks. When she's able to find the time, she mixes in cardio, strength training and kickboxing workouts. What do you think of this supermom? Share your thoughts with us!

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