Jessica Alba: The Fit Star Confesses To Eating Loads of Salt and Hot Sauce!

Successful businesswoman and actress Jessica Alba has a highly sought-after bod, even after having 2 children. At 34, one would think part of maintaining her sultry, toned figure would be a healthy diet. But Jessica shocked her fans when she recently revealed that she eats a very sodium packed diet and loves to binge out on hot sauce drenched foods. According to a recent interview with Delish, it is because of low blood sugar and low blood pressure that Jessica has been advised by medical professionals to up her salt intake. She claims she suffers from a "woozy" feeling if she doesn't get enough sodium. "When I do hot yoga, water isn't enough. I need to have salty water or I'll have coconut water." she told the food publication. Jessica also admits to being completely obsessed with hot sauce. Gallons of it. "It's like I'm trying to burn a hole through my stomach. It's so good. It's such a problem." she confesses. Despite her love affair with sriracha, Jessica still manages to maintain a reasonably balanced diet. She is always looking for ways to make super foods like kale taste more appealing, for both herself and her young daughters  (7 year old Honor and 3 year old Haven). She works healthy and wholesome snacks like hummus with veggies into her chaotic daily routine. And as for her hard hitting workouts to get that killer beach bod? "These days, I do power yoga with light weights in a 105-degree room, so it's a mix of hot yoga and strength training. I also spin," the actress tells Shape. What are some of your diet guilty pleasures? Share them with us!

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