Jessica Biel's Secrets For Losing Baby Weight

On October 22, at the 2015 Night Of Stars Gala hosted by the Fashion Group International in New York, Jessica Biel showed her impressive post-baby body. In a beautiful, form-fitting teal dress, Biel's slim figure was on full display. According to her Twitter account, her weight loss can be attributed to her Paleo-inspired diet. More specifically, she gave credit to Paleta, a farm to table meal delivery service for her rapid weight loss since giving birth to son, Silas, in April. She tweeted: "Thank you ‪@eatpaleta for making my life easy & delicious. 3 meals & snacks at my doorstep? Yes pls." Biel has completely embraced this Paleo-style diet saying, “Fermented veggies and probiotics are also great for my skin and digestion. You can also buy shredded fermented vegetables at a health-food store and sprinkle them over a salad or even eggs in the morning." When it comes to her workouts, Biel is no stranger to breaking a sweat. She is a fan of CrossFit workouts, yoga, sprints and weightlifting. For a cardio workout, Biel usually jogs a half mile and then does intervals with 100-meter, 200-meter, and 400-meter sprints. She also makes sure she does some lifting, using light weights with high reps. "I’ve always been physical," said Biel. "I have no concept of what life is like without physical activity." But what does she believe to be the biggest secret to her weight loss? Portion control instead of starvation or deprivation. "Eat things you like, but in smaller portions," she said. "I always cut things in half and send half back. Do I eat dessert? If there's something I want to try, then I try it. But I have a bite, not the whole thing." She's right. You don't need to eat the whole thing in order to enjoy it! What do you think of Biel's weight loss tips? Solid plan or do you have a better one? Source:  

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