Jicama Chips and Power Pesto Dip!

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share with you a recipe that I've been loving lately. The summer months are notoriously known to bring on those salty cravings of chips & dip. If you’re anything like me, I grew up with a love for the salty chip & the creamy dip combo; it is absolutely unbeatable. Now-a-days I am trying to find a healthier & more powerful twist on some of my favorite foods. I’ve been experimenting more & more with veggies as my "chip" & making homemade dips so I can control the quality of ingredients. Jicama_02

The other day, I picked up some jicama, which is something I’ve had raw before dipped into hummus, but came across some other bloggers who were roasting it to make them chips. I was inspired by their posts to make these chips my own way & they came out great!

In addition to craving salty chips in the warm months, I also crave fresh basil.  The smell & taste bring back memories of hanging by the pool & enjoying fresh foods as snacks.

With both of these ideas sounding very appealing, I combined the two ideas to create Jicama Chips & Hemp Basil Power Pesto!


 The jicama chips are packed with fiber absorb any flavor you give them, while the pesto packs a protein & healthy fat punch from the hemp seeds & tahini. IMG_4868 Jicama Chips These Jicama chips work as a base for ANY topping! Sweet or savory. Ingredients: 1) Rinse, peel, and slice the jicama. 2) Place sliced jicama on a cookie sheet covered with aluminum foil and sprayed with non-stick spray or add some coconut oil to the foil with your fingers. 3) Spray or coat jicama with oil of choice & top with seasonings as desired. *Good options could be cinnamon & stevia for a sweet fix or paprika, no-salt seasoning blends, curry, Italian seasoning, or just plain ol’ sea salt & pepper! 4) Bake at 400 (convection oven) for about 20-25 minutes, flipping half way through and until golden brown. IMG_4934 “Cheesy” Basil Power Pesto Ingredients: 2 cups of fresh basil leaves 1/3 Cup Hemp Seeds 1/4 Cup Water 3 TB Tahini (sesame seed butter) 1/2 Nutritional Yeast* 2 tsp minced garlic Juice of 1 lemon Sea Salt & Pepper To Taste Directions: Blend all of the above ingredients in a food processor. 2) Add in more water if needed to thin it out a bit. 3) Serve right away or let chill in the fridge. Perfect on jicama chips, mixed in pasta, or as a dip! *Nutritional Yeast is a powerhouse of nutrients and can be a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. It is a good source of B-12 & adds a nice “cheesy” flavor to recipes. This is not your typical yeast and is free of the Candida Albicans strain, making it safe for those concerned with candida. It is grown on beet sugar and molasses, fermented, and dried so it is gluten free and non-yeast forming in the body. [source] Hope you enjoy this new powerful chips & dip recipe! Be true to you, Kasey Arena

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