Jillian Micheals, 41 and In The Hottest Shape Of Her Life! (Pics)

At 41, Jillian Micheals is a fitspiration and is showing no signs of slowing down as she recently revealed her fabulous bod in beautiful shots for Shape. jillian micheals shape The celebs trainer has once been credited as having "America's Healthiest Body". She gets her ripped abs and toned muscles from following a routine involving various 30 second reps. The busy mom of two has many projects on the go, including starring in a new reality series called Just Jillian, which she also produces. Using a quick and intense workout plan is the easiest way for her to see hard hitting results without taking up too much time in the day. She completes her routine 4 to 5 times a week. jillian micheals "When you feel strong and you accomplish something physical that you didn't think you were capable of, your heart and mind open up to many possibilities that previously felt out of reach in other areas of your life," Jillian tells the magazine. jillian micheals Jillian follows the workout principles of her program, Bodyshred. She explains that a good workout should contain a mixture of mental focus and enthusiasm. She admits that she gets bored easily, so mixing up different workouts every few months is important. So what does America's Healthiest Body eat to stay fit? Well, Jillian has made a complete switch to organic foods. She only consumes food that makes her feel good, and doesn't contain chemicals and preservatives. What do you think of this sleek and toned mom of 2? Who is your all-time fitness inspiration? Share your thoughts with us!      


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