Jogging In Forests Produce Better Mental Results Than Gym

Obviously with the negative degrees weather we have been experiencing it might be a good idea to keep your runs on the treadmill for now. Regardless a study from the University of Glasgow says that running or jogging in a natural, green area, could help reduce mental stress. The study was preformed by polling two-thousand physically active individuals, and those who did their workout and runs outside tested much more positive. Leader of the study, Prof Richard Mitchell told the Telegraph how surprised he was with the results saying "there was around a 50 per cent improvement in people’s mental health if they were physically active in the natural environment, compared to those who weren't." The mental issues weren't anything too serious, more for anyone who is struggling with stress, mild depression and fatigue, as well as not being able to sleep well. He went on to say...
"It seems that woodland and forest seem to have the biggest effect on helping to lower mental health problems. Being in areas that have lots of trees and grassy areas help to calm us down, and obviously a forest has this"
It's no surprise that woodland areas have the ability to calm us more than the manufactured design of gyms that are meant to be efficient first. Just getting outside can have a much more positive effect than one can expect. In the study, 50% of the participants did exercises outside at least once a month. I know I can't wait for the winter to be gone so I can get back to running in the great outdoors. Or you know, a park in Toronto.

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