Why Has This Jogging Mother Gained So Many Haters?

Ymre Steikama It takes a lot of body confidence to jog in a bikini. I don't think many of us would want to be seen around our neighbourhood in a tight two-piece while pushing a child in a stroller. But hey, there are some of us like model Ymre Steikama, who think it's no big deal. bugaboo stroller controversy involving Ymre Steikama Amsterdam-based stroller company, Bugaboo, has offended new moms with their recent Facebook post of the fit and toned model casually jogging in nothing but a skintight bikini. Her post-baby shape is admittedly stunning, but countless angry mothers are saying that this type of promotion is totally unrealistic. [bctt tweet="Why Has This Jogging Mother Gained So Many Haters?"] The caption reads, "See how fit mom Ymre Steikama stays fit and healthy with Bugaboo Runner". The picture has gotten over 1,000 likes, but it has also sparked some heated comments. "I prefer running naked with my children." jokes one mother. "And if you buy a bugaboo runner you too can also look like this...' I love how natural this photo is and how it represents most mothers...." writes another. Some commenters have defended the mother's fit frame, saying that criticizing her is a form of body shaming. After all, every mom-bod is different and as a society, we have learned to accept and embrace all shapes and sizes. What is your take on the Bugaboo controversy? Share your thoughts with us!

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