Juice Recipes: Liquid Salad

Looking for great juice recipes? Check out the juicing recipes section of the blog for some of our favourites. Continue to check back frequently as we will be sharing more and more. Throw these ingredients in the juicer to enjoy another of our refreshing and healthy juice recipes. The health benefits of this savoury red power juice are many. Our favourites include an improved complexion, cancer prevention, detoxification, and increased energy - so there’s no excuse to skip your DailyHiit.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 medium cucumber 1 lemon 1 medium spring onion 1 handful of fresh parsley ½ of a medium sweet red pepper 3 small whole tomatoes Toss all the ingredients in your juicer, shake and enjoy!

Nutrition Information:

Total calories: 82 Total fat: 1.1 grams Total carbs: 23.92 grams Protein: 4.9 grams Bonus: This juice recipe contains an amazing 162% of your daily intake of vitamin C, a vitamin linked to heart health.

Now that you've got the juice recipes you need it's time to hiit it! Check out our workouts page to get started!


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