Juicer Recipes Without The Juicer

Looking for juicer recipes, but don't have a juicer? Behold, the juicer recipes you can make without having a juicer! Juicing is an easy way to get nutrients into your body, fast. It’s also a great way to disguise and incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet that you perhaps don’t particularly like, but know are good for you. The only downfall to juicing is having to drop the cash for a juicer and locating specific juicer recipes to go in it. They can be expensive, and can also take up a lot of room in your kitchen. Good news, though: If you don’t have the money, inclination or counter space to buy juicer, you can still enjoy delicious juicer recipes. You only need 4 things: Your ingredients, a blender, a mesh strainer and a large bowl. Toss all your ingredients into your blender, whip it all up, and then pour your concoction into the mesh strainer, catching the pulp in the strainer and the juice in the bowl you’ve placed underneath. You’ll probably have to press the pulp a bit with a spoon or a spatula to get all the juice out, and depending on what you’re blending, you may have to add a little water to the blending process. A small price to pay for delicious, nutritious and FREE juice! Now fire up your blender and enjoy some of these delicious juicer recipes!  

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