Juicing Recipes: Your Basic ABCs

As far as juicing recipes go, this is one of the most simple and most beneficial. This double whammy makes it a must try. The ABC juice combines three household ingredients to create a concoction that will help cleanse your liver, clean your bowels, and help prevent certain cancers including colon, breast, stomach and lung cancer, making it one of the most beneficial juicing recipes around.

You’ll need:

1 med apple, with skin. (Many of the cancer fighting properties are found in the skin.) 1 med beet. 2 large carrots. Wash all your ingredients and then put them in the juicer. Shake, or stir and enjoy. It’s that easy!

Nutrition Information:

Calories: 105 Total Fat: 0.55g Total Carbs: 32.7g Protein: 2.19g

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