Junk Food Addict Transformed Into Bodybuilder

John Doyle, 23, was a morbidly obese teenager. He was jealous of his cousin who was very fit and he wants to reveal how he gave up his love for junk food in order to shed some serious weight. john doyle John Doyle is from Killarney, Co. Kerry. He used to indulge himself in potato chips, sodas, chocolate, and pizza. He decided to turn to his cousin Shane for some encouragement. He began working out and lost quite a bit of weight in just seven months. john doyle john doyle At age 21, he reached his goal weight. He then decided to start lifting weights and build muscle by using a program called “Built By Science.” He is now 23 and he has used this specific program in order to sculpt his body. His body fat went from 28% all the way down to 15%. john doyle John mentioned that he was heavy throughout his teen years. People would always call him names and tease him. He was tired of being picked last for sports as he wasn’t fit enough. He was plain tired of being the 'fat kid'. With his cousin’s help, he was able to drop quite a bit of weight and no longer be the 'fat kid'. He noticed that his cousin, Shane, was training as well and he had lost quite a bit of weight. He still talks to his cousin every week about weight loss and John’s next goal is to try bodybuilding. In college, he was studying adventure tourism management, as well as participating in mountain biking, hill walking, and rock climbing. John even joined the gym to start running, spinning classes, and swimming. He said the weight flew off when he did all of those activities and he hasn’t looked back ever since. Through cooking his own meals, he has realized that he has a passion for cooking … healthy of course! He mentioned how he likes to reward himself by buying a shirt that is too small and uses it as his goal. With John taking up bodybuilding next, he said to watch out for his new progress! john doyle How did you learn to steer away from junk food? Source: DailyMail  

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