Junk Food (Not Lack of Exercise) is Keeping You Fat

The debate has been raging for years about how the obesity epidemic happened and how to defeat it. Michelle Obama's Just Move! program focused on getting kids to exercise to combat obesity. Gary Taubes, author of Good Calories, Bad Calories, recommends 90 minutes exercise almost every day just to keep from gaining any more weight. In 2007, the American Heart Association and the American College of Sports Medicine recommended 30 minutes of moderately strenuous exercise five days a week, even though they admitted even then that it had little to no effect on weight loss. When it comes to where the extra pounds come from and losing them, the burden is specifically on junk food and the national obsession with carbs. In 2003, Coca Cola spent over 3 billion dollars on a campaign to prove their sugar sodas had no deleterious effects on weight and health as long as people exercised. But their goal was flawed from the start. The body uses sugar for promoting fat storage, so the consumption of the drinks at all is an encouragement to the body to make and store fat as extra pounds. The best way to lose weight and keep it off is reducing the amount of sugar you take in, no matter the form it takes. A lower carbohydrate, whole foods approach to eating is the key. So why go through the sweat and pain in the gym if it doesn't lead to increased weight loss? Because the benefits of exercise for fitness are so compelling that they are just as important as weight loss. According to the UK’s Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, 30 minutes of moderate exercise five times a week can reduce the risk of:
  • breast cancer by as much as 25%
  • bowel cancer by as much as 45%
  • dementia by as much as 30%
  • stroke by 30%
  • heart disease by over 40%
Source: Epoch Times

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