Just Who Are Those BodyRock Bloggers?

I thought I would do a quick Q&A style post about my fellow BodyRock bloggers and I. There seems to be a lot of questions about us, and who we are and so I wanted to answer those questions for you (hopefully).

Q: Just who are those BodyRock bloggers?

A: We’re you, we're BodyRockers. We answered the call from BodyRock to write about our story and share with everyone our own fit journey. Some of us have web sites of our own and some of us don't. Some of us are personal trainers some of us or not. Some of us are nutritionists and others are not. Some of us are writers and others are not. What we all have in common is that we're BodyRockers!

Q: Are the posts factual or opinion based

A: It depends on the post. Some will be based on research and others will be based on opinion. This is where your critical reading skills from school comes in.

If a post is citing external sources, then it is making a factual claim. If, on the other hand, the post is written with words like "I prefer," "what I do," "in my experience" etc then it is an opinion piece.

Q: How can I find out more about an individual BodyRock blogger?

A: You can find out more about a blogger by clicking on their name at the top of an article. You will be taken to their blogger profile page which has a brief bio of the blogger, links to articles they’ve written, as well as links to their own websites, Facebook, Twitter etc. You can also browse through all the blogger profiles by clicking on the blue box at the bottom of any page that says "view our network of bloggers."

Q: What if I don't agree with the information that's being presented?

A: That's totally okay! Your fit journey is your own. Take the information that works for you and leave the rest. The information and stories that we share are our own. It’s what's worked for us on our fit journey, or information that we found useful on our journey. Just because it works for us doesn't mean it'll work for you.

The human body is so complex and we're learning new things about it everyday which means that the field of fitness and nutrition is ever-changing. What was fact yesterday may turn out to be not so correct the next. You have to make your own decisions and decide what will help you on your fit journey .

BodyRock strives to bring you all the information that they can and to share with you all the different opinions that are out there... which is a good thing because you then have the choice to decide what’s going to work for you.

Q: Are the BodyRock bloggers employees of BodyRock?

A: No, most of us are not employees of BodyRock. BodyRock has a couple of employees but the rest of the bloggers provide their information and writing for free because we're passionate about the subject. BodyRock employees include Taylor, Ciara- the HIIT nutritionist, Freddy, and the trainers Lisa, Sean, and Melissa.

 Q: Why are there spelling/grammar/general mistakes in some of the blogs?

A: We're human, and humans make mistakes... it happens. Please forgive us and be nice... we have feelings and they can be hurt.

Q: Why don't you/haven't you done a post on XYZ?

A: Probably because we haven't thought about it yet! We love feedback and suggestions on how we can make the blog better for you and everyone else. If you want to see a post about something in particular, let us know! There are a lot of bloggers which means that there is a lot of brains to pick for information, and we'd love to share our knowledge with you!   Basically, the BodyRock bloggers are just like you. We have opinions and experiences that we would like to share with you to help generate a conversation. BodyRock is all about community, and helping eachother out on our fit journeys. BodyRock is grassroots, always has been, always will be. Have more questions? Leave them in the comments below and we'll try to answer them for you. :) Pamela You can find more from me on mysite GymFreeFit.com   Photo by: Martin Abegglen is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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