Just because I'm little, doesn't mean I can't take you down!

For those who follow my blogs know that I love to switch up my workouts. With the new year, comes new goals. I've realized over the last few months that my cardio has gone down tremendously. Not on purpose, maybe it's a cause of laziness but I found myself realistically only doing cardio maybe twice a week....which, to the average American, sounds pretty good right?... but I'm not ok with being average :) My regular workout routine typically involves, 3-4 days of resistance training and 1-2 days of cardio with one pole dancing fitness class per week. I think one type of workout that a lot of women will look over the shoulder at is Boxing. Maybe they think it's too "violent" or even just too hard for their fitness level... I don't know.. but it's none of the above. Boxing is such an amazing workout, no matter what your fitness level is. The sport really is the test of all test. Boxing teaches you how to be strong both physically and mentally.  On a more personal level, right now being strong mentally is absolutely what I need! There's no better way to do that then stepping into the ring. It's been a few months since my last boxing class, so I have to admit, I was a little nervous being in a new gym, new students,  new instructors and environment. There are several boxing gyms out there, some a little more intense than others... if a "real" boxing/UFC/MMA gym is a little bit too intense for your liking, find a cardio kickboxing class / gym. Groupon is my best friend in finding new gyms! The one I chose however, is a little more "intense" than a basic kickboxing class. The second my hands were in those wraps, everything changed! My confidence, presence, and my entire mindset. You literally feel like you can take on the world.. and at 4'9" I feel like a little bad ass knowing I can take you down :) When you box, you reduce stress by hitting your zone and focusing on the technique required to throw a perfect punch. Your presence is how you are initially perceived and perception becomes reality.
All I can say is hoollllllyyyy hell! So if you're looking to add in a little intensity into your cardio workout for that spring break trip, make sure you check out your local boxing gym to not only to improve your self image, but become a better athlete and learn a little humility at the same time :)

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