Just Let Go: Not Everyone You Lose In Life Is a Loss

Letting people walk out of our lives is one of the most difficult things to master. We are a society of people who try to hold on to things even after they have served their purpose. It is easy to believe, too, that everyone we lose is a loss. We grow up feeling that losing someone who meant something to us can only spell disaster.
Change the way you look at it. Instead of mourning someone who is no longer involved in your life, celebrate the fact that you've filtered things down to the people who mean the most.
Pain is such an incredibly disheartening things to endure. But it does lessen over time. Good things come to an end so wonderful things can happen.
If someone in your life enriches your experiences and helps you grow as a person, they are clearly worth your time and you'll want to keep them around. If they don't, why are you keeping them around?
If someone doesn't treat you the way you deserve, you don't have to accept it. Sometimes we can convince ourselves that someone is the only person who will love us or that having that person around is more meaningful than it is. Trust your instincts. If you have a feeling that something isn't right about a person, it probably isn't. Go with your gut and not your emotions. Not everyone who enters your life should stay in you life.
We are only on this planet for a short time. Why spend that time being anything but happy? No on has the right to inject negativity into your existence.
Letting someone go is not giving up. It is putting yourself first, for a change. It is moving away from those that hold us back to a life filled with those who help us grow. What can be better than that? h/t: Elite Daily

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