It Is Just A Number, Right? Does Age Matter In Romantic Relationships?

As I have said before, I, personally, don't think an age gap in a romantic relationship is a deal breaker. But over the weekend PDAs on an Italian beach between 35 year old model Elisabetta Gregoraci and her husband, 65 year old Flavio Briatore set tongues wagging on the subject yet again. does age matter The pair have been married since 2008 and according to Briatore, being married and raising their son, Falco, has made him "much calmer" after he spent most of his life as a renowned playboy (he also has a daughter with former girlfriend Heidi Klum). does age matter This pair fit the obvious stereotype, young, beautiful, model wife and older, overweight millionaire husband. Instinct may be to assume the marriage is one of appearance. He's in it for her looks, she's in it for the money. does age matter But what if that isn't the case? Is it possible to get through a 30 year gap? Appearances are just that, I know. Looking happy together and being happy together aren't the same thing but to my eyes, this looks like a nice family day at the beach. Do you think it is possible to find enough common ground (despite the years) to build a solid, deep, lasting relationship? It is entirely possible that they truly love and value one another for all the things that lie beneath the surface. Age clearly doesn't matter to this couple. Over to you Body Rockers: Do you think this is one of those empty, stereotyped, surface level relationships or could it actually be something real? Is it possible to have something real when the gap is that large? Does anything change when the genders are reversed? Take Heidi Klum, for example, her boyfriend is 13 years younger. Is that any different? What do you think? h/t: Daily Mail   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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