Just remember why you started...

This is my first blog post so I wanted to tackle one of the main problems we all have to face when on our journey to achieve our 'dream body'. Motivation *shudders*. I am a very determined person but I still sometimes struggle to push myself to workout on a 'bad day'. I have finally found the thing that always succeeds in getting me up off the sofa though...thankfully! Giving up It's so simple, but it works! When I'm feeling like I might just skip a workout and get back on it tomorrow if I think of these few words then I picture myself in a bikini on the beach looking totally awesome, and before I know it I'm in my workout gear ready to go. We all have different reasons for doing The Daily Hiit. Whether it is wanting to drop some body fat, have a healthier lifestyle or to get fitter, whatever your reason is make sure that you never forget it. This is your main motivation. Perhaps even pin images on your fridge or around your house so that whenever you feel like reaching for some comfort food or skipping workouts you will be inspired to work hard towards your target. Be the best version of you that you can be. This is my personal goal, I've not got a large amount of body fat to lose but I am still working really hard to get my body looking as amazing as I want it to look. eatinghealthy Most of all remember that it will take time. Too many people start a new workout regime or 'diet' (I hate that word!!!) and give up after a week or a month because they don't see changes fast enough. Nothing worth having ever came easy. It's going to take some time, but think of how great you will feel when you finally achieve what you are training towards. 4 weeks Don't give up guys. Set yourself small goals each couple of months and work hard towards them, it will make it feel much more achievable than thinking that you have a huge goal to achieve in one go. The Daily Hiit community are brilliant at motivating and also great for general inspiration. We can all achieve our goals, so train hard and eat healthily, and no matter how long it takes YOU WILL GET THERE. But most importantly, remember why you started. Nat x

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