Kabocha Squash & Hummus Tacos!

Hey everyone! The other day I came across a list of creative food ideas in the kitchen. I saw this way to make taco shells in the oven using wraps and I was sold! I often have gluten free brown rice tortillas in the fridge so I instantly preheated the oven to give this a try.



So, what to stuff them with? The options are endless and even though the traditional taco stuffing would be fitting, my obsession with kabocha squash over ruled my decision - per usual!



1 Tortilla of choice

Roasted Kabocha Squash [just like this recipe]

Hummus of choice [I used my green hummus]

Sauteed Veggies of choice:

  • I used Onion, peppers, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, kale, & spinach
  • Heat oil of choice in a medium heat pan with garlic & saute your veggies until tender.
  1. Heat oven to 375 degrees 
  2. Spray each side of tortilla with spray of choice
  3. Drape your tortilla(s) over two bars of the oven racks
  4. Bake for about 7-10 minutes until crispy (keep an eye on them!)
  5. Carefully remove from the oven without burning your hands.
  6. Fill with hummus, sauteed veggies, kabocha squash & any protein source you choose!
    IMG_6620 This is a great combo of carbs, fats, & protein! I hope you'll try it out and let me know how you like it. Be true to you & enjoy! Kasey  

What is your favorite taco filling? 

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