Kale Chips

I have had really awesome kale chips, and I have had really awful kale chips, so I was a bit wary when I decided to make these. The recipe itself is incredibly easy, and mine turned out delicious – making me think those awful kale chips may have been a fluke. kalechips5 Ingredients: -       Approx. 4 cups kale -       2 tbsp olive oil -       Seasonings   Directions: 1)   Wash kale thoroughly and allow to dry completely 2)   Tear kale leaves off, remove any big spines 3)   Toss with olive oil and seasonings 4)   Place evenly on a baking sheet, touching or slight overlapping is fine, but be sure not to layer the kale. 5)   Cook at 300 F for 10-20 minutes, or until crisp and starting to brown. kalechips3 kalechips4 The best part about these chips is that you can really play around with the seasonings. I like spice, so I decided to make one batch with chili pepper infused olive oil and chili powder. I’m also a fan of garlic so that was my other batch. Maybe try soy sauce and sesame seeds with olive oil for an Asian taste sensation, or savoury spices like basil and oregano. The possibilities are endless, of course, you can always keep it simple and stick with good ol’ sea salt.

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